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Blimtek will provide you with web hosting space for your website and handle your domain name registration. I will help you pick the best domain name available for your business or blog. I am also available to help you update an existing website or manage a WordPress site. Below you will see some featured sites I have designed and built and further down there is additional details about the service I provide.

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About my Web Sites and Services

Blimtek operates in Canada but we are prepared to provide services globally. I do not operate my own server for web hosting, instead web hosting space is provided by a large leading Canadian internet tech company located in Toronto, Ontario. This option is more reliable and will ensure the websites are always online and have many security features in place. The Toronto Internet Exchange is largest Internet Exchange Point in Canada and the 18th largest in the world. This ensures great connectivity to the rest of Canada, the Americas and all rest of the globe.

In addition to using large reputable hosting providers, security is taken seriously. Your web site will be provided to users over HTTPS protocol as opposed to the older HTTP, this means when users visit it they will get a notificationt hat there connection is secure as seen in the image below or in my url at the top.

Image result for https secure image

Most of the sites I build will use WordPress as a Content Management System. This allows for multiple users if desired, with various levels of security. For example an appointed manager could have an account with “Editor” priveleges which allows them to make basic changes to pages and posts. Another benefit of WordPress is easy access to statics and analytics to help grow your business or user base.

Your site will include basic SEO, Search Engine Optimztion to help search engines like Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go rank your in their users search results.  My basic service will make it easy for people to find you on google but this area can be improved by the amount of content on your site and much additional effort. This is an area I occasionally research and roll improvements across all of my websites.